MASH are four female font fanatics from a little town called Hamilton in the heart of New Zealand. Type is more than just the alphabet yo’ momma taught y’all, for us it is the bee’s knees, the ‘crème de la crème’, the tip of the iceberg…the reason for existence. MASH is a typographic collaboration between Mary Faber, Alice Lo, Saranna Drury, & Haylie Gray.

Mary Faber’s (MCGD) interest lies in historical typefaces, and in developing new display faces that dabble in the past.

Alice Lo (MACD), an experimental, geometrical typographer who is heavily influenced by ‘the grid’.

Saranna Drury (BCGD) is passionate about script display typography and anything with a good swash.

Haylie Gray’s (BCGD) typographic style combines a contemporary aesthetic with a spice of eclectic flair.

Cheers to Kris Sowersby for the 30 second guide to hipster logo design.


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  1. Love this idea. Looking forward to the rest of the characters!

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