The feminist series – Behind the scenes part 1

Hi MASHERS, we’re back on the blogging scene!

We thought at the end of each month we would reveal the typographer behind each feminist poster. We also answered a few Q & A’s.

Week 1 – Haylie

week 1

1. Why did you choose this quote? I chose this quote because Beyoncé is amazing and the song makes me feel good.
2. Describe the design process…I tried out a few different pens and brushes as I knew I wanted a hand drawn look. I ended up using a marker and digitized the original sketch to get the final poster.
3. Give us a type tip… Always check your kerning.
4. What’s hot right now? I feel like colorful gradients might be making a come back.

Week 2 – Saranna

week 2

1. Why did you choose this quote? Amy Poehler is fantastic. I love her, and I love Parks and Recreation.
2. Describe the design process… HA! I did a thousand hand sketched versions but they didn’t quite communicate the the strength of the quote so I went with a bold vector didone instead
3. Give us a type tip… Keep it simple!
4. What’s hot right now? Online classes @ Skillshare! Loving it. I’m signed up for a class with Jon Contino, starting on thursday the 6th of Feb. LET’S DO THIS.

Week 3 – Alice


1. Why did you choose this quote? I chose a Jennifer Lawrence quote because she is funny and goofy!
2. Describe the design process… I actually went straight to working onscreen. I had done sketches for a similar design I designed recently so I felt fairly confident. Looking at Áron Jancsó’s work also helped!
3. Give us a type tip… Use as little anchor points when creating a shape out of vector.
4. What’s hot right now? LEGO – LEGO Simpsons & LEGO + chrome “Build with Chrome” app.

Week 4 – Mary

week 4

1. Why did you choose this quote? All women have that special something; occasionally we just need the reminder.
2. Describe the design process…Sketch, computerise. The angle called for serious rulers.
3. Give us a type tip…When designing letterforms, weight distribution is key – use your eye, not your calculator.
4. What’s hot right now? Certainly not London! But midi dresses are still going strong while the winter holds.

Thanks for reading!

If you have a question you would like us to answer, please leave a comment below or message us on Facebook and we will answer it in our next blog post.

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