Chalk it Up

Baaa daaa dap boom boom…

Last year, when Mary travelled abroad to Hong Kong to present her thesis at the Atypi conference she bought us each a gift – we all received a packet of chalk. MASH has been long time fans of Dana Tanamachi’s awesome chalkboard type (not linking her cos her sh*t’s too spectacular – look it up in your own time) and we wanted to follow in her footsteps and give it a go ourselves.


Chalk: Check

Chalk board: Check

MASH: Check – good to go.

So on the weekend of the 19th of Jan, over two days, we worked long and hard to create our first large scale type piece.

We decided to use lyrics from New Zealand’s favourite singer Dave Dobbyn. We chose to use his iconic song ‘Slice of Heaven’ – to match the nice long summery days we have been receiving lately!

Her loveHorizonSliceHeaven

The process:

We were all allocated a word or two to design digitally in Adobe Illustrator and then we used a projector to project our designs onto the custom built wall. Next we sketched our letters onto the blackboard and chalked it up!!

Chalk Board

Check out our video!

Hope you like it. The board is for sale if you’re interested. Prints of our “Chalk it Up” design will be available for sale very shortly!

Here is a break down of who designed each word or two:

Her love – Haylie

Shines – Mary

Over my – Alice

Horizon – Saranna

She’s a – Mary

Slice of – Alice

Heaven – Haylie

Flourishes – Flourish Master A.K.A Saranna







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