Heartwood Font

Twelve months ago, on completion of my Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design degree, I went on my big OE to New York City. I was inspired by the cityscape and the diversity of typography I experienced. The contrast between New Zealand and New York was immense and I viewed my own country with a new appreciation. I returned to Hamilton to do an Honours year. I and a colleague created and published an educational book about typography in 2011. My challenge in 2012 was to create my own Typeface.

The challenge began with researching the history of decorative typefaces. I extended the research to examine the work of prominent New Zealand typographers Joseph Churchwood and Kris Sowersby and note their substantial contributions to New Zealand type. I was inspired by native flora in New Zealand and also by design in Maori culture. This gave me a starting point to develop a typeface which showed an aesthetic drawn from these two sources of inspiration. Many sketches followed as I refined and polished my idea until the final typeface emerged.

I named the typeface Heartwood. This is a derivation of the Latin name for the genus of the Pohutukawa tree which is a Kiwi icon for its beautiful red flowers.

Below are a few images of the specimens that were exhibited and a time-lapse to show the creation of the uppercase B. If you would like to see more images then check out my Behance.



  1. Lisette

    It is an awesome font. Can this be purchased?

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