The MASH by MASH journey

The MASH Journey

It was just over four months ago that us four self-diagnosed type nerds decided to join forces and create MASH. Our only mission at the time was to design lovely letterforms; an alphabet. As most of you may know already, we live in Hamilton, New Zealand – and admittedly, the ‘type scene’ here leaves a lot to be desired…So forming MASH only seemed logical. We are widely influenced by design history; letterpress, modernism, postmodernism, but also current trends and all things contemporary. MASH, our first self-titled project, sparked world wide interest in what we are passionate about – wahoo! – all it took was the motivation and the support of each other (and, undoubtedly, our friends & family). Each carefully constructed letterform shows our individual style, some personify our characteristics, and others pushed us outside our traditional design comfort zones.

The exhibition
After informing the world of our creative endeavors through blogging, we still felt a slight disconnect from our audience. So the unanimous decision was made to erect a physical exhibition of our work in our local community. Luckily Draw Inc., a funky & fresh local gallery, were happy to showcase our alphabet & for us to exhibit in conjunction during SPARK week – a big plus for us.

So begins our photographic journey to how MASH went about setting up their first exhibition.
Setting up our show took us 3 days. It started off by getting our alphabet professionally printed (printed on 180gsm advanced laser) and making an executive decision to spray mount our letters onto black mount board. So that means mounting 28 letters (includes ampersand and our specimen) The pressure was on. Hence, alcohol was needed as we were a bundle of nerves and didn’t want to stuff up the mounting! Needless to say, after many hours we managed to complete our first task!

The following day we went to Draw Inc. We had to measure and make some serious decisions on how we want to layout our alphabet. We also decided that we wanted to use bull dog clips to hang our letters. Eventually we finished setting up our exhibition!

3rd day – we met up again, luckily we did, as a few letters had fallen to the ground. the fallen letters spelt “SUX”, so we had to remount and hang up a part of our alphabet again! We also went super market shopping to purchase food for our opening night!

Opening night
Was a hit! We had heaps of people turn up, lots of MASH supporters and for that we are very grateful.

Pecha Kucha night
We decided to partake in Pecha Kucha – for those that don’t know what it is. Each presenter has 20 slides and only 20 seconds to speak for each slide. This was a challenge for us as there are four of us (a lot of shuffling around the mic)! None the less we had a fantastic time and it was a great way to talk about type and our project. One day we will be presenting at Semi permanent 😛

As we type this, our exhibition is about to close. It has been quite the journey (but it’s not finished yet, won’t be for a while), it’s just the beginning for MASH. It doesn’t take much, and we are very humbled by our achievements. To finish this post off, we made a video of our journey. Thanks for reading! We look forward to showing you our next project…


  1. Ahh so cool guys! Super jealous but super happy for you all 🙂 Love me some Gold Panda.

  2. Awesome guys! Great stuff, wish I could have been there to see it!

  3. Trevor

    Love the type love!

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